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We are a marketing and events company based in Dubai, UAE and we are committed to assisting our clients reach their target markets every day.

About Us

Creativity is our defining strength!

Our team is experienced, committed and very focused.

We select team members with a good personality, language skills and communication abilities.


Working as a team is key to our success every day, we train together, learn together and implement together.

Client focused

At the end of the day, client satisfaction is our central operating guideline, each of our actions is guided by client requirements.

Sales skills

The foundation of our success is our sales skills, we understand the target audience, their needs and how to meet those needs.

Our Skills & Expertise

Promotions and activities require young people full of life and ready to ensure that the marketing environment is bright, fun and extremely positive. This is a culture that we always ensure our team maintains throughout each project. We are big on motivation, teamwork and thinking outside the box to ensure that the team does note lose morale. One thing you will note when you find our team in the field, is that they always have a smile on their face!

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